We offer a range of exceptional maui sheep milk branded products.

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 We believe sheep milk is the next big thing in mainstream health.


Sheep milk as a dairy option has been around for centuries. Maui Sheep Milk New Zealand’s grass-fed sheep milk is not only mild and creamy in taste, it’s also highly nutritious, and because it’s so easily and quickly digested it supports gut health and is a gentle alternative to goat and cow’s milk.


The Maui Milk company is located on a farm on the South-Western side of Lake Taupo in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island. It is focused on enhancing New Zealand’s sheep milking reputation as a market leader in premium dairy products.

For those with pure nutrition indulgence in mind, here comes our ever changing internationally and seasonally inspired simple nutritious recipe. “Maui Milk” brings the original sense of health and all the goodness of sheep milk directly to your table!

Here is a very simple recipe for sheep yogurt. You can scale this up or down to suit your needs. Sheep milk tends to make the most flavorful cheeses, so it’s no surprise that it also makes the most flavorful yogurt.