To make a cup of yoghurt


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Recipe By: Maui milk


  • Prepare 120ml of warm water at 40°C to 50°
  • Add 1 sachet (20.8g) of Sheep Milk Powder Probiotic product into the warm water and stir well.
  • Leave the prepared liquid in the yoghurt maker for 8-10 hour until set.
  • Remove the yoghurt from the makers and place it in the fridge to chill before serving.
  • Enjoy the freshness of home-made sheep milk yoghurt.


  • Add more or less water to adjust the thickness of the yoghurt. Less water thicker yoghurt, and vice versa.
  • For more acidic yoghurt: leave the tub in yoghurt maker for a few more hours
  • For sweeter yoghurt: Add honey, fresh fruit, jam or sugar after the yoghurt is set or when serving.
  • Our yoghurt can also be used in making smoothies, or mixed with cereal or muesli for a refreshing breakfast.


Add any of your favorite fruits to the yoghurt, strawberry, blueberry, kiwifruit, and much more.


Sprinkle some nuts, mix well with the yoghurt.


Swirl some of your yummy jams with the yoghurt, lay back and enjoy.

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