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Delicious Taste

Sheep milk has a distinctive flavour from cow milk. Some cheese can only be made by sheep milk otherwise it loses its characteristics. Sheep and goats are both ruminants. Sheep milk does not have the gamey taste that goat milk does.

Dietary factors also influence the taste of the milk. On our farm, sheep graze the pasture on our farm.

Many say the taste of sheep milk is more delicious than cow milk.

Easily digested

The smaller fat globules in sheep milk enabling digestive enzymes to break it down more rapidly. Among ruminants, the average fat globule size is the smallest in sheep milk ( Park et al. 2007) Sheep milk also has higher levels of short-and medium-chain fatty acids, rendering a faster and easier digestion process as well as producing quicker energy supply. Agglutinin is absent in sheep milk and goat milk (Park and others 2007), providing better digestibility compared to cow milk.

Gut friendly

Many people who suffered from lactose intolerance can digest sheep milk without problem.